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Is Your Spouse Contesting The Divorce Through Mediation? Get A Litigation Expert Right Away

If you have been trying to get divorced through mediation and you and your spouse just can't seem to agree on the same things, it's time to hire a litigation professional. A lawyer that is experienced with litigation and is ready to fight with you in the court room can help you get what you want or need, and can help you settle the divorce.

If you are going through a contested divorce, it's time to take care of things so you can move on. Here are a few things you want to consider if you weren't considering it before.

Get Your Own Lawyer

You don't want to use the lawyer that you have been trying to share with your spouse. You want a lawyer that is going to take all of the information provided to go after what you want. Your previous lawyer may not be siding with you and already has connections with your spouse, so you want to leave that behind when you need to move forward.

Serve Your Spouse with Papers

If you haven't already served your spouse with papers because you were trying to settle the issue out of court, you need to serve them to get the divorce in motion. This will allow your spouse to take you seriously, they will need to hire a lawyer, and you will have a date when you make your first appearance in front of a judge.

Consider the Financial Strains

Dragging out the divorce costs you more money and can be a strain, so make sure that if you get alimony or any type of support, or if you have to split savings accounts or pensions, that you ask for more for the extra money you've had to put out because of your spouse. If they refused to agree to anything in mediation, and you kept getting billed for the mediation, you shouldn't have to pay for all the fees.

Getting divorced isn't fun, but it's even worse when one of the spouses isn't willing to cooperate to get things moving. You don't want to spend years trying to get divorced, and instead you want to get your own litigation expert you can go right for what you want in the court room, and who can wrap up the divorce fast. Find a litigation expert who works with divorce cases regularly, and who is familiar with the court system in your area.