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Ready To Move On? How To Ask For A Divorce When Your Spouse Doesn't Want One

If you've decided that it's time for a divorce, but your spouse might not be on the same page, you need to plan your strategy in advance. It might be quicker to just blurt out the news to your spouse, but that doesn't mean it will be easier. In fact, you may end up with unwanted hostility and resentment. Here are four steps to take when you're ready for a divorce, but your spouse isn't:

Talk to an Attorney in Advance

If you've given your marriage all you have to give, and it's time to walk away, you need to talk to an attorney before you begin the divorce process. This is particularly important if your spouse might put up a fight when it comes to ending the marriage. An attorney can provide you with vital information that you'll need when proceeding with a divorce that could end up being contested. Even if you live in a state that allows no-fault divorces, an unwilling spouse can still slow down the process and put obstacles in your way. An attorney will help remove those obstacles so you can move forward.

Choose the Right Location

When it's finally time to tell your spouse that you want a divorce, choose the location carefully. If you're worried that your spouse will become hostile, choose a public location that affords you the most protection and security, preferably a location near a local police department or that has security cameras. If you just want to make sure that the atmosphere remains relaxed and that your spouse doesn't cause a scene, choose somewhere that you can talk freely while still remaining in the public eye, such as a restaurant.

Be Prepared for Arguments

If your spouse is going to fight you on the divorce, be prepared for the arguments. When you're prepared for the objections that your spouse may present, you'll be ready to offset those objections. For instance, your spouse may argue that it's better for the children if you stay together. If you and your spouse have been fighting constantly, be prepared with statistics about children raised in homes where parents fight.

Remain Calm

If you know that your spouse is going to take the news of a divorce badly, remember to remain calm. If you lose your cool during the conversation, you increase the risk of hostility. Instead, keep yourself centered and focused on your task at hand. If you feel yourself losing your cool, excuse yourself from the conversation long enough to regroup.

For more information about preparing for a divorce, speak with your local divorce attorneys today.