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How Your Child Custody Lawyer Can Help You With Your Case

Even if you think that you have a slam dunk case for child custody, you may still want to retain a lawyer for their custody law services. You just never know what the other parent might try to do or say, so it is best to hire a lawyer so typical issues can be resolved. Here are a few reasons why hiring a custody lawyer will help you:

Right Of First Refusal

This is something more and more parents are requesting. This will work both ways, to benefit both the custodial and non-custodial parent. What the right of first refusal means is that if the other parent is not able to watch the children at any point during their time, the other parent has the right to watch the children instead of a babysitter or another family member being called. This can be for situations when a parent needs help with childcare while they work or even if they have to go to the hospital emergency room for something. Each parent must call the other to see if they can or want to care for the children during that time before resorting to other options.

Holiday Vacation Schedules

In order to avoid future disagreements, you will want to have a plan for all of the major holidays that you and your family celebrate. You might ask that you have the children for every holiday so you can split the day with the other parent. If you live far away from each other or the shared holidays would not work for any other reason, you can ask to alternate years. This way, you are guaranteed your fair share of holidays with the children. Judges generally try to make orders that are in the best interest of the children and having your lawyer help explain your reasoning for the plans that you are proposing will help your case.

Gives You Sound Advice

Sometimes, having someone with legal expertise is needed to help make sure that you do not accidentally do or say something that the other parent can use against you. In high-conflict custody cases, it is not unusual for the other parent to try to twist a situation to make it look like something it's not. Therefore, you will want the expert advice of your child custody lawyer in order to learn what you should and shouldn't say or share on social media or even say in person with the other parent.

When you are ready to retain a lawyer, you will want to call one of the best in your area to set up your initial consultation. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will have the representation you need. You can visit a website such as for more information.