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How Are Online And In-Person Divorce Mediation Different?

Are you in the process of getting a divorce and trying to decide how you want to handle mediation? You may now have the option of doing it in person or online. If you're still unsure which route to take, here is what you need to know about these two forms of divorce mediation

How Does In-Person Divorce Mediation Work?

In-person mediation can work in a variety of different ways, either with it being in real time or a bit delayed. The traditional way of having in-person divorce mediation is with the spouses in two different rooms with their respective lawyers, with the mediator going between the rooms to facilitate the discussion for them. There is a lot of downtime and waiting around for conversations to happen with the other party, but it avoids face-to-face contact. You may then come together at the end to sign documents agreeing on what you worked out in mediation. But if you still prefer not to see each other, that doesn't even have to happen.

How Does Online Divorce Mediation Work?

The entire process happens in a very similar way, where both spouses are separated in their own virtual rooms. The mediator will then go between the virtual rooms, very similar to if they were in person. If you need to have a discussion between both spouses, the mediator can join the rooms together temporarily so that they can work out a specific issue face-to-face, then go back to individual virtual rooms. 

Why Use Online Divorce Mediation?

The online process is not going to be more or less fair when compared to traditional divorce mediation. It's the exact same process in the end. In fact, you may find that online divorce mediation goes a bit faster because it is happening in a virtual environment. When everyone is sitting at their computers, prepared to be attentive and efficient, the mediation could go more smoothly.

The online mediation process is also going to be a lot more convenient for everyone involved. There is no travel time to get to a mediation facility, which saves you and your lawyer on travel time. You can also do online mediation in the convenience of your own home, which can make you feel more comfortable than if you were at an office, frequently waiting in an empty room for the mediator to return. 

Reach out to a firm that offers online divorce mediation in your area for more information.