Keeping Your Spousal Support Order Out Of Bankruptcy Court

In general, domestic support orders like child support and spousal support (alimony) are non-dischargeable debt, meaning a person's responsibility for the debt cannot be wiped out by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, there are two exceptions when a debtor may be granted approval by the bankruptcy court to discharge spousal support. Here's what you need to know to avoid putting your alimony award at risk of being wiped out by a bankruptcy filing.

3 Steps You Can Take To Gain More Custody Of Your Children

Are you in a shared custody agreement with your former spouse, who has the children the majority of the time? Would you like to gain more custody of your kids? The good news is that it is possible to modify custody agreements even after a divorce is final. However, divorce court judges are usually reluctant to change the status quo, so it's important that you show them good reason why the agreement should be changed.

Three Alternatives To A Court Divorce

In a divorce situation where you don't want the unpleasantness of going to court, you may be looking around for alternatives that will be a better fit. Although alternative types of divorce, such as mediated divorce, require a certain set of circumstances (such as an amicable relationship and agreement on what to do with assets and child custody), they do offer viable opportunities to avoid the courtroom. Here are three types of alternatives you may want to consider if you find yourself in the throes of divorce.

Involved In A Heated Divorce? 4 Steps That Can Protect Your Children From Parental Abduction

You don't want to think about parental abduction. However, now that you're involved in a contentious divorce and custody battle, you have to consider the possibility. This is particularly true if your spouse has ever threatened to run with the children if you tried to leave. Nearly half of all child abductions involve a parent or other family member. While you shouldn't spend every moment panicking, you should plan for the possibility.

Talking with Your Divorce Lawyer: What Does He or She Really Need to Know?

Although the conversations between you and your divorce attorney are privileged, they can still be very uncomfortable for you. This stranger is digging into your personal life and asking you questions that you may not feel comfortable answering. If the answers to those difficult questions weren't necessary to provide you with the best possible service, he or she wouldn't be asking them, so you will have to find it within yourself to answer them.

Want Out? 4 Signs That Separation Might Not Be In Your Best Interest

You and your spouse have been having marital problems for a while. You've tried to work through the issues. Unfortunately, the problems are still there. You don't want to file for divorce but you don't want to keep living in your current situation. Your friends have suggested a separation. Before you make your decision, here are four reasons why a legal separation may not be in your best interest. Divorce is Inevitable

Getting A Divorce When Your Mate Is Nowhere To Be Found

So, you have been alone for some time now. You have gotten over the initial shock of your mate's leave-taking and are moving on with your life. The question is, how to become legally free so you don't have to worry about the problems that could come with acquiring assets or wanting to get remarried, etc? Consult a Family Attorney The first thing you will want to do is consult a local divorce or family law attorney, such as at Law Offices of Lynda Latta, LLC.

Can Something Overheard During A Pocket Dial Be Used Against You In Court?

Do you own a cell phone? If you do, you've probably accidentally pocket dialed (sometimes known as a "butt dial") someone at least once. Unfortunately, whatever gets overheard when you do that can (and probably will) be used against you in court. It happens more often than people realize. The news is peppered with stories of criminals who get caught -- and convicted -- because they didn't think to lock their phones before they put them in their pockets.

How To Prepare Your Young Child For A New Adopted Sibling

If you already have a child who is under the age of four at home, and you are in the process of trying to adopt another child, you are going to need to explain to your child that they will soon have a sibling. Don't get so caught up in the legal side of the adoption that you forget to explain what is happening to the child you already have. Here are a few strategies for explaining to your child that you are going to adopt their new sibling.

Child Custody Choices: Joint Or Shared?

Decisions about child custody can be among the most contentious and emotionally-charged issues with divorcing couples. If you are divorcing, you should have a complete understanding of the two main types of child custody when you create your agreement. While shared custody and joint custody seem at first to be the same thing, they are very different, so read on to find out which type of custody will be right for you and your minor children.