Why Are Many Family Law Issues Handled Separately?

Something that often surprises a client when they sit down to discuss a situation with a family law attorney is just how many issues are handled separately from each other. It might seem simpler to lump, for example, child custody and support concerns together. The court sees things differently and has the final word, but it's fair for you to ask just why this is. Avoiding Prejudice Consider a scenario where a parent is having trouble paying child support.

Divorcing – Getting Through Divorcing A Depressed Spouse

Being married to someone who suffers from severe depression is hard. It is hard not only for you; it is difficult for your family and your spouse. Unfortunately, it can be so hard that it takes a toll on the relationship and causes the marriage to fall apart. If you're considering divorcing a depressed spouse, you must take every step appropriately to avoid triggering a psychological event for your spouse. You don't want him or her to fall apart, you just don't want to be in the marriage any longer.

Ghosted By Your Spouse? Here's A Look At Your Rights

As much as marriage is supposed to involve commitment, it is actually not uncommon for one participant in the legally binding union to up and decide that married life is not for them. Unfortunately, this decision is sometimes accompanied by a true "ghosting" event, or a situation when one partner basically disappears. If you are the apparently not-so-significant other who has been "ghosted," there's no doubt that you will be upset enough that you will be ready to march down to the divorce attorney's office and end the whole situation.

What Is a No-Fault Divorce?

In recent years, the concept of a no-fault divorce has spread to many different states. Before no-fault divorce, people had to prove they had reason to end a marriage, like adultery or abandonment. Today, this is no longer the case. This means that if you are considering divorce, you need to understand that nobody needs to be "at fault" in order to secure a divorce. In most states, you can divorce for any reason under the label of "

How Your Child Custody Lawyer Can Help You With Your Case

Even if you think that you have a slam dunk case for child custody, you may still want to retain a lawyer for their custody law services. You just never know what the other parent might try to do or say, so it is best to hire a lawyer so typical issues can be resolved. Here are a few reasons why hiring a custody lawyer will help you: Right Of First Refusal