Who Will Get Custody of Your Child?

When parent divorce, it's always best if they can get along with each other well enough to come together for the sake of their children and make some important decisions for their welfare. Children don't ask to suffer from the effects of your adult decisions, and everything possible should be done to protect them. When you and your spouse are at odds over who is the best custodial parent for your child, you may find that the family court judge is left making this decision. [Read More]

Four Tips For Weighing Your Options When Dealing With A Cheating Spouse

When you first find out that your spouse has been cheating, it's completely normal to be overwhelmed with emotions. While experiencing these emotions, you may make a snap judgement -- such as "I need to leave them right now" or "We can make it through this with enough work." But, once the dust settles, you need to put some careful, logical thought into what is really best for you and your spouse going forward. [Read More]

Strategies To Know When Leaving An Abusive Relationship

Leaving an abusive or controlling relationship can be a challenge. Not only are there many emotions to work through, you may also be concerned about the future and safety of you and your children. The following four strategies can help you prepare to leave the relationship in a manner that can help keep you and your kids secure. #1: Make financial arrangements Although not strictly necessary, the entire process can be much easier if you have some financial resources at your disposal. [Read More]

Going Through A Divorce And Considering Shared Custody? 3 Tips That Will Help Ensure Successful Co-Parenting

If you have children, your divorce isn't going to just be about you and your spouse. Your children are going to be an integral part of the divorce equation, especially if you're going to be dealing with custody arrangements. You want what's best for your children and in most cases that involves an active, loving relationship with both parents. But how do you ensure that your children will enjoy that type of relationship with both their parents after a divorce? [Read More]